• Chairman and Founder

A pioneer of the Indian fastener industry, Mr. J.K. Aggarwal founded Pooja Forge in 1986. His undisputed work ethic and vision for success has led to industry wide recognition of Pooja Forge as one of the largest manufacturer of fasteners in India.

He has been actively involved in the company’s growth and development since it began operations. He has made sure that the company has kept up with the times and maintained its high standards in terms of capacity and quality for numerous decades.

With a vast amount of experience and everlasting passion, he continues to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for all members of the Pooja Forge family.

  • Managing Director

Joining Pooja Forge in 1991, Mr. Manish Aggarwal found himself in a company still trying to establish itself among the top manufacturers of fasteners in the country.

His dedication towards total customer satisfaction enabled him to diversify the customer base of the company and placed it on the global map as a reputed name in the fastener industry. Through his relentless efforts towards achieving manufacturing excellence, Pooja Forge established itself as one of the largest suppliers of fasteners to OEMs in India.

Under his leadership, Pooja Forge has received numerous accolades and achieved significant milestones. Today, he leads the company at the customer end while making sure it is solidly placed to fulfil market demands.

  • Director

Starting as recently as 2018, Mr. Kunal Aggarwal made an instant impact through his modern thinking and data driven philosophy.

Having deeply understood the intricacies at the operational level while interning during the years leading up to his start, he set about his goals of achieving high efficiency levels and integrating the company’s multiple departments to work seamlessly and democratically.

His dynamic approach and his vision for sustainable growth in the company has injected motivation into the work force as they look towards a greater future.